Technical staffing services

EnergyTech is dedicated to providing your hard to find industrial material needs

Today’s major engineering, Procurement and construction projects are increasingly more complex and demanding with sourcing materials from numerous locations around the world and from an increasing number of manufacturers. By having the right professional resource as contact and on the ground at the right time EnergyTech provides a one stop solution to supports our clients to ensure quality requirements and on-time delivery are met.

EnergyTech is a leading supplier of technical staffing services to the world’s largest energy, engineering, and construction companies. EnergyTech possesses the ability to supply an internationally experienced, technically qualified contingent workforce to augment client staff. The expansive recruiting network within EnergyTech enables each office to generate qualified candidates as necessary to meet client and/or project needs while keeping costs in-line with budgets. By utilizing EnergyTech’s staffing services, clients can focus strategies and resources on their core business, reduce and control operating costs, increase access to qualified personnel, and minimize recruitment time and expenses.

EnergyTech’s Staffing Services include:

  • Contract Staffing
  • Permanent Placement Services
  • Global Recruitment
  • Local Content
  • Assignment Support