EnergyTech is dedicated to providing your hard to find industrial material needs

Our services include

  • Acknowledging customer requirements
  • Negotiating prices, contract terms and conditions and deadlines
  • Managing Incoterms
  • Quotations
  • Order tracking
  • Quantitative and qualitative order acceptance and checking
  • Quality control and organising third-party inspections
  • Special conservation, labelling, packaging of products
  • Logistics: consolidation, container loading and shipment
  • Transport management, export documents, importation procedures, customs clearance and on-site delivery
  • Schedule management
  • File administrative and financial processing

On-Site Stocking Trailer

Our inventory experts will analyze your material and storage requirements, set up appropriate inventory levels, and develop ordering controls.

The many advantages to having material on-site include: craft delay from material shortage, shortens procurement backlog of RFQ’s, warehouse personnel time & document control cost savings.

The #1 reason for lost productivity is material delay.

The on-site stocking trailers are proven to add cost savings to the project.