Quality policy

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Inspection Procedure

-Upon receipt of products, receiving personnel verify the quantity of delivered units, check marking and identification of packages and inspect all packages for any signs of tampering or damage.

– If checks and inspections are satisfactory; receiving personnel signs the delivery receipt. If not, any shortages or damages are noted on all copies of the delivery receipts.

– The received containers are then moved to the designated inspection area, a copy of the purchase order is retrieved, and the packing slips are removed from the containers.

-Upon opening the containers, the goods are verified against the purchase order and the packing slip, and are examined visually for any signs of damage. The purchase order is stamped RECEIVED » and is signed and dated.

– On critical parts and components, as determined by the Quality Manager, a precision inspection is performed. This type of inspection includes Review of material certificates, supplier inspection records, compliance certificates, and any other relevant documentation delivered with the product

-Visual inspection to detect any damage or other visible problems Where it is not practical to perform receiving inspection upon receipt, provisions are made to perform source inspection at the supplier’s facility

– Upon acceptance, products are identified with an « ACCEPT » tag and moved to further shipping.

Nonconforming Material/Products

All material/products that are found to be nonconforming are identified and returned to the supplier Per the Control of Nonconforming Product.

Packaging and Shipping

– All cargo is to be clearly marked with the customer name and a job number immediately on arrival.

– All cargo checking to be packaged in accordance with purchase order instructions.

– Cargo received in a supplied packing will be shipped in the same manner if ok.

– Arrange the shipping of the Cargo as specified in the Sales Order of the customer to their respective freight forwarder.

– When a cargo is delivered to a customer, Invoice along with delivery note will be emailed / couriered to process the payment to the customer.

Internal Audit System

– An internal audit system is in place to verify that all policies and practices outlined in this manual are being carried out.

– The Human Resources and Compliance bears the responsibility for conducting and reviewing internal audits.

– Full audits are to be conducted at least twice yearly. Partial audits may be conducted if concerns of adherence to specific areas of the program arise.

– Once complete, audits are reviewed by management. Any concerns identified during the audit will be addressed by the supervisor of the responsible department.