HSE Policy

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Health & Safety Policy

We put people first and our number one priority is the safety of every employee. At EnergyTech , we believe the health and safety of our work force is the most critical point to sustaining our business. By demonstrating our commitment to protecting the welfare of others, we can attract and retain experienced employees and encourage our esteemed customers to do business with us.

We also believe that to achieve our production and financial goals, we must make health and safety a stated value and key priority in everything we do. Our primary objective is to create a culture where people trust it is possible to work free of illness or injury regardless of the role each worker performs.

Safety is a core value to EnergyTech  because while our business priorities may change, our values do not. We firmly believe all occupational illnesses, accidents and injuries are preventable.

We have learned that safety is about passion for protecting and caring for our people, and about providing development opportunities through efficient and secure operations. We also recognize that to be considered an industry leader, we must continually improve health and safety systems regardless of our production level.

Environmental Policy

Environmental leadership in the Oil&Gas and mining industry is a strategic business objective of EnergyTech . Maintaining high professional standards for our environmental practices is vital to our long-term sustainable success and forms the foundation of our corporate reputation. EnergyTech  acknowledges its responsibility to manage the environmental effects associated with its operations as we pursue our goal of generating value for our customers, our employees and the local communities.

EnergyTech  will:

-Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations at all times, at all locations, and at all stages of the supply chain management

-Establish and maintain standards, procedures and management controls to ensure that environmental considerations are balanced equally with competing priorities and other key business activities

-Ensure that all employees and partners are trained to understand their environmental responsibilities and create an environment conducive to adhering to the Company’s policies, procedures and applicable regulations

-Hold leadership accountable for the environmental performance of our operations, based inherently on the fact that accountability represents the commitment of senior management to provide resources and create an environment that spawns success

-Reward and recognize behavior that supports environmental stewardship

-Implement procedures to measure environmental performance, including regular operational audits to verify compliance with the Company’s Environmental Policy and applicable regulations

-Communicate openly with employees and the customers on environmental issues

-Continuously review environmental achievements and technology to share and promote the implementation of best practices

-Develop and maintain reclamation and closure cost estimates, account for those costs in the Company’s business plans, and address the Company’s reclamation and closure obligations in a way that demonstrates excellence and establishes industry-wide leadership by example

-Require that the Environmental, Health and Safety Committee meets on a regular basis in order to monitor performance and confirm that EnergyTech  adheres to these principles